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March 31, 2008
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Status Quo: Meeting of the Four Horsemen

An insidious meeting takes place in Hell.
To hear their words would serve thee well.

Death:  “The time is soon upon us, the Apocalypse draws near.
                 Now my brethren, tell me what I want to hear.
                As the end draws close, there is something I must know.
                How goes the battle? Have you met your status quo?”

War: “Hear me now! I am War!
           All is now accounted for!
           Hatred in the name of God.
           None are right. All are wrong.
           Children given tools to kill,
           All according to my will.
           Blood is slain, waste is lain.
          This is what I have to show.
          I have met my status quo.

Famine: “When crops are burnt and livestock slain,
                  I, Famine, begin my reign.
                  Unequal distribution is the key
                 To bringing about my misery.
                  The rich throw all their food away,
                 While the poor cannot even eat every day.
               That’s my tale of pain and woe.
               I have met my status quo.”

Pestilence: “Those mortal fools, in arrogance,
                      Believe themselves immune to pestilence.
                      But just how many have I silenced?
                      Ravaging their bodies from the inside, out.
                     That is what I’m all about.
                      And when help is needed most,
                     The mortals simply turn blind eyes.
                     Out of sight, out of mind.
                     Now I’m sure that you all know,
                     I have met my status quo.”

Death: “You, my brethren, fill their days with strife.
              But I send them to the afterlife.
              For I am Death, and all roads lead to me.
              All mortals share this destiny.
              Suicide. Genocide.
              Homicide of every kind.
              Sometimes quick and sometimes slow.
             I have met my status quo.

            Now let us turn our gaze to man.
            The greatest servants in this master plan.
            They have set their standards low, and in doing so,
             They have met their status quo.”
This is something I wrote as a part of a group drama assignment. I have my doubts about our performance so far, but I really liked how this came out. It's a poem about the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse, in case anyone is unfamiliar with the concept.
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LordAresWar Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Glorious you have met your status quo xD
Phveatherfally Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What a dashing piece of poetry Alphonse Elric Al (Shy) [V1] 
Lady-Hare Featured By Owner May 29, 2013
Stunning :wow:
AlwaysAyT Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
I'm actually writing a song about Famine, I already wrote one for Death, check this:

It begins,
The world starts to die off as the 3rd arrives, forming through the winds,
A steed shrouds through the light as the heavens dim,
The rider holds a scale, dividing price with sins,
The steeds eyes resemble that of a black disease,
Infecting masses as the virus rode through the breeze,
The air immits an echo that only whispers pain,
Soon after its occurrence, the skies seep with rain,
And the ashes gather from the graves at dawn,
I see the black paladin from the dark begin the spawn,
From his black sash is where the weapons drawn,
And it was mankind that he laid the curse upon,
LordAresWar Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Glorious my friend!
MattvsEvil Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
Bravo! :clap:
Hex-Chemickals Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
BRILLIANT! Just fantastic!
Letholdus Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is bloody fantastic!!!
OptimusOmega Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012   Traditional Artist
Thank you.
xXxDemonprincessxXx Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012
This is fantastic! Its got great flow.
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